About Us

After discovering and studying the wonderful world of aromatherapy in London, a good few years ago , I embarked on transforming my study of plants and essential oils into a life-long love affair!

I wanted to produce a skin care range that spoke the truth. I wanted products that were effective, but without synthetic ingredients or fillers, were 100 percent natural and also cruelty free.

I began creating Verité which means "Truth" for my own skincare needs, I had tried all the top brands but found nothing that really satisfied me, the list of synthetic ingredients was too long and I realised that these could not be in anyway beneficial to my skin.

If I was nourishing my body with healthful foods then surely I should be nourishing my skin with the same care?  I began researching raw materials and essential oils that were naturally sourced, yet were amazingly nourishing, healing and ultimately created radiantly healthy skin.  

I believe skincare should feed and restore skin to bring about changes. Just as the food we eat should nourish and restore our bodies. So Verité became all about using the best natural and organic ingredients I could find to to create the products I wanted for my own skin.

Every single ingredient in our formulas has a purpose, such as nourishing, healing, rejuvenating hydrating. Verite is not about rushing, it's about taking some time in your day to stop, breathe in the pure natural scents that help to restore your body and mind and indulge in a little luxury treatment as you apply your products. I hope you love these products as much as I do creating them for you.    

Verité Spa Organics Founder and Creator – Janin Dei-Conti.


Our products

Our products are hand blended in New Zealand in small batches with only the highest grade certified organic, and natural ingredients. 

 By choosing dark violet miron glass bottles to package our products, we ensure the beautiful plant essences  and extracts are enhanced and preserved naturally for longer. This means putting more of nature’s energy back into your skin. Once your product is finished you can also reuse the cleaned and sterilised jar or bottle to store herbs,oils and vitamins to preserve them for longer and enhance their properties.

According to research, of all the colours of the rainbow, it’s violet which shows the vibration frequency of 720 – 770 billion Hertz. This incidentally matches the vibration frequency of a human’s central nervous system. So you can’t get more naturally in tune than that. 

We do not use toxic preservatives (but we do use ecocert approved preservatives to prevent unseen bacteria growing in your products), synthetic fragrances, colourants, parabens, SLS, pthalates, oxylates, mineral oils or petrolatum in any of our products

We are avid supporters of animal free testing. All our products are tested on willing human volunteers and our products are approved by Peta to be vegan and cruelty free (with the exception of 2 products which use honey (we source our honey from a small supplier with happy bees) . We also only source our ingredients from companies that don't test on animals.

Our mission

To create a therapeutic skincare range that shows its true colours through effective results. Our products are designed to work alongside healthy living, to encourage and facilitate balance and harmony in our customers. 

Our commitment and values

  • To be true to nature and not use synthetic elements in our products.

  • To create products which heal and restore body and mind.

  • To be conscious of the impact we have on our environment

  • To create products which are not harmful to the earth

  • To  plant a tree for every order.

  • Verité in French means ‘truth’ and we like to speak it. All our products are true to nature,each and every product we make is harmoniously and ethically made with honesty and respect to the plant energy and essences put into them. We believe this ‘bottled love’, is passed onto the customer to energetically nourish, balance and restore the body and mind.

Social responsibility

To ensure that the products we make are not harmful to our customers or the environment, we use only organic, natural and sustainable plant oils and essences and active ingredients to create them.

We plant a tree through Weforest for each order we receive. As we grow we hope to be able to fund projects that grow skills and help others.