About Our Founder Janin


Janin, the founder of Verité Spa Organics


My love for all things plant began in the family vegetable patch in South Africa where I grew up, I spent many hours here watching tiny seeds grow into plants;  and creating my own make believe potions and magical worlds! 

I eventually progressed to studying the aromatic plant world as an Aromatherapist in the UK and South Africa, and began my life long love affair with how the botanical wisdom of nature could help to heal and replenish not only our skin but our mind and emotions too. 


Verité means Truth, and it's what we're about!

I had become quite disenchanted with the skincare industry and advertising that made me feel I had to conform to a certain standard to be okay to look okay, skin treatments that left my skin feeling worse than when I arrived, and no real connection between therapist and customer. An ingredient list of mostly chemicals and synthetic fragrances and colours - how could this be good for your skin? The concept of Verité, or Truth in beauty , blossomed in my head.

So I began to create a range of skincare and treatments that I would want to experience in a spa environment. Researching, and working with the most skin loving plant botanicals to create a truly holistic experience. Treatments that when you walked out of one, you felt completely loved, nurtured, replenished and rejuvenated on all levels. Body, mind and soul, and take home skin care products that continued the feeling, along with of course, achieving a nourished, healthy and radiant skin!


I believes your skincare should be full of  nourishing, healing, rejuvenating ingredients from pure, organic and natural sources, to feed and restore skin to bring about changes.

Together with healthful foods to nourish your body, and mindfulness, you can achieve radiant, healthy skin at any age.

Verité is about taking some time for selfcare in your day, a moment to breathe in the natural aromatherapeutic scents that help to restore your body and mind.  And experience the benefits of the 100% botanical formulas, nourishing, nurturing, replenishing and restoring your unique radiant beauty.

One of my favourite quotes by Louise Hay,  which you will see with every order,  is how I want each and every Verité customer to feel "I see within myself a magnificent being, wise and beautiful. I love what I see in me."

With Love from Me to You 

Janin xxx