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Revitalise Yourself this Summer

January 17, 2019

Revitalise Yourself this Summer

With Summer just begun, and the indulgences of Christmas far behind us, it’s time to get summer ready and here’s how.

Effective exfoliation

Where else to start than with the biggest organ of the body, the skin. Let’s face it, it’s all on bikini and board shorts show the minute the sunny rays arrive and therefore making exfoliating key to all areas of the body.

In order to remove dead skin and emerge from the bath or shower with radiating smooth skin, simply massage a small amount of exfoliator in a circular motion over your body. Aim to sweep upwards towards the heart as this increases circulation. Try and pay special attention to extra dry areas such as the knees and elbows and repeat the process twice a week.

The essential oils in our Coconut and Lime Flower Body Polish offer a rejuvenating sensation where the cacao and ylang-ylang flowers in the Chocolate & Yland-ylang Body Polish, help  to restore vitamin and mineral content and leave a luscious scent to the skin!


Don’t forget your precious pout!

Over the summer months lips can become flaky and dry so it’s vital to give our precious pout some attention too. Verite Spa’s lip conditioner comprising avocado, jojoba, marula, shea and cacao butters nourishe from the inside out. But it’s also the refined botanical crystals which lightly buff the lips leaving them gorgeously smooth all day.


After exfoliation care

While it’s essential to rub down for smooth skin, it’s also important to rehydrate the skin and moisturise regularly. The sun, although wonderful for essential daily doses of vitamin D, can be harsh on the skin if not treated with respect. After each exfoliation, apply body butter to all areas in order to hydrate it.  

Our Jasmine & Vanilla Body Butter not only provides hydration from its protective plant oils but also offers an injection of fragrant joy from its subtle jasmine and vanilla tones.

Alternatively, ensure your mental well-being is honoured as well as your outer body with the May Chang & Geranium Body Butter which aids relaxation from its therapeutic essential oils.

Help for hair

When it comes to our hair, the sun and water (salt from the sea and chlorine in swimming pools) aren’t always our best friends and can have the propensity to destroy our hair so honouring our locks is also a top priority.

One top solution? Coconut oil.

The Sun   

Coconut oil can protect hair from the sun’s rays as it claims to contain a sun protection factor/SPF 10 and the pure fact it has been utilised by indigenous pacific islanders for centuries aids its effective usage. There’s also no need for sun creams containing nasty ingredients either just lather it on. Tick.   


Lighthair has been known to turn green from contact with chlorine! To avoid this horror from potentially happening, apply coconut oil (preferably organic) to wet hair from the scalp right through to the very ends. This forms a protective barrier against the chlorine making it unable to penetrate the hair as coconut oil is hydrophobic.

Salt Water

While the beach head hair is definitely on trend, sea salt can cause chaos to your luscious locks. Avoid split ends and a wrestle with your hairbrush at the end of a beach day, with a simple coconut hair cleanse as above.

Tune into summer with yoga

But as we all know, it’s not just paying attention to our outside ‘self’ that’s important. It’s what’s on the inside which counts too.

The cold and rainy "cosied up and not wanting to go out " weather is behind us , and now that summer is here there’s every reason to get the cogs tuned in and up and turning once again. How? Reignite your fire with an energising yoga pose!   

  1. Downward Facing Dog Pose

The downward dog is a brilliant way to get the blood racing and the body alive again because this inversion pose with the head below the heart, means it increases the body’s circulation and energy levels immediately.

  1. The Plank Pose

The plank can be a challenging pose but nevertheless, the benefits are endless and well worth the struggle to keep in position plus the sweating and body tremble that goes with it. Because this move strengthens your core, spine and arms, it aids tension in the lower back from the intense stretch that the action offers. 

  1. The Warrior Pose

Release the warrior within! This pose aims to stretch the entire front side of the body, legs and back. Wow. Helping balance and core stability will revitalise the system in minutes as well as the stretch that elongates the torso, opens the rib cage and massages internal organs too. Due to the attention required to complete this move, it also challenges the mind so that the focus and the movement, together can be achieved ‘as one’. 

by: Kate Marshall

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