Our gorgeous organic and handmade skincare is available in Professional Spa sizes , and our beautiful treatments are also available for you to use to create the perfect Verité experience.

 More and more spas and therapists are discovering the benefits of pure organic and natural skincare for their customers.
 Our treatments have been created to enhance wellbeing, treat topical problems but ultimately to encourage a balanced mind and body .
Aromatherapeutic treatments are based on holistic principles and utilise various massage techniques and energy touch © therapy, unique to Verité Spa Organics.
 We can create a unique bespoke scent for your brand which becomes an integral part of your brand identity, reinforcing brand association with your "smell logo"
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We welcome enquiries from businesses
who share our philosophy.

Treatment Menu
Rose Balancing Antiageing Facial-80min
A nurturing and Balancing experience for both
body and mind. Rose encourages harmony and wellbeing.
The perfect facial for stressed, ageing or hormonal skin.
Remineralising Antioxidant Facial 60min
A vitamin rich and delicious facial using raw cacao
to deliver vital vitamins and nutrients to the skin.
A combination of free radical fighting, vitamin and
mineral rich ingredients,perfect to combat signs
of ageing, hydrating the skin and leaving
it smooth and glowing.
Radiance Rejuvenating Facial 60min
A brightening, firming and regenerating facial to
restore radiance to dull and tired complexions.
Increases circulation and refines skin.
Hikoi(Journey) Aroma Massage 60min or back 45min
A fragrant journey beginning with your choice of
luxurious shea butter massage balms infused
with therapeutic essential oils to balance and
harmonise your mind, and leave your body deeply
relaxed and nourished. 
Healing Crystal Massage 60min
A Balancing massage. Working with crystals in harmony
to balance the  body’s energy centres, releasing tension
and stress, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and revitalised.
Aroha (love) Goddess Massage 120min
This is a truly beautiful experience, honouring
the Goddess within. Aroha means love and this full body
aromatic massage with back scrub and facial is all about
loving our body, by destressing and deeply relaxing and
leaving you feeling rejuvenated and balanced and your
skin nourished and glowing!The use of rose quartz crystals
helps to balamce the heart chakra, encouraging peace,
healing and comfort and reawakening the heart to its own innate love.
Immune boosting Rejuvenation 120min
Our nourishing immune boosting body wrap is packed
with vitamins and minerals, boosting the immune system
and combined with an exfoliating body polish and
energising massage encourages healthy circulation
and lymph flow.
Detox seaweed body wrap 120min
Stimulatulating and invigorating. Organic seaweed,
Centella Asiatica, Guarana extract and essential oils
of Cypress, Juniper and  Lemon help to encourage
lymph flow and toxin removal, promoting a reduction
in fat deposit and encourage less edema and cellulite formation.
Tranquility ritual   (scalp and pedi treatment) 60min
A Balancing and relaxing treatment. Encouraging
tranquility, while relieving stress and tension top to toe.
Feet and are gently massaged with warm NZ greenstone
and nourished with oils and a detoxifying foot masque,
the scalp is deeply nourished with Marula and Argan
hair conditioning oil and the neck and shoulders
are destressed with a relaxing and
tension relieving massage. (optional paint)

Hotel Amenities

Offer your guests an organic wellbeing experience, free from parabens, synthetic colourants, synthetic fragrances,petrochemicals and sodium lauryl sulphate. Made right here in New Zealand.

 We can supply you with a natural selection of products for your guests including Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Lotion and a choice of turn down items 

such as handcream, pillow mist and body butter.
Enhance your guests stay with these luxury items of the highest quality.
We can create a unique bespoke scent for your brand which becomes an integral part of your brand identity, reinforcing brand association with your "smell logo" 
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Create a seamless holistic experience from your Hotel room to Spa with our spa products.