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Six beautiful ways to Prepare for Spring

September 03, 2019

Six beautiful ways to Prepare for Spring

The evenings are growing lighter, blossoms are budding on the trees, and spring is definitely in the air. It won’t be long before you can start putting away your heavy winter clothes and breaking out the shorts and t-shirts. But before you do, it’s a great idea to get your body and mind ready to greet the new season. Here are six divine ways to pamper yourself to spring-readiness.


After a long winter of cold, dry air, harsh indoor heating and being smothered in layers of clothing, your skin is probably a little the worse for wear. We all tend to let our all-over beauty and moisturising regime slip when most of our body is covered up, with elbows, knees, heels and toes most likely to be neglected. Banish that dull, end-of-winter look and feel by gently exfoliating your skin, concentrating on the dry, problem areas.

For radiant, fresh skin this spring, try the Verite Spa sugar body polishes, which are infused with botanical oils and nourishing butters to leave your skin soft, glowing and moisturised.

Your face needs some springtime love as well, but  using harsh scrubs or home chemical peels can irritate the skin and we don't recommend this kind of exfoliation. Our Oatmeal & Vitamin C facial skin refiner soothes and heals, while delicately removing dead skin cells that dull your complexion.


Chase away any dryness and itchiness of winter and moisturise your freshly-exfoliated skin with a generous application of body butter. Apply within five minutes of getting out of the bath (or shower) to lock in hydration and leave your skin looking dewy-fresh.

If you’ve been using a heavier moisturiser on your face over winter, now’s the time to swap to a lighter formula that encourages cell regeneration without weighing down your skin. With Rose and Neroli essential oils, Verite Spa’s Rosehip Essential Daily Moisturiser is perfect for your spring face-care routine and ideal for all skin types.


Spring has just started, but already the UV index is creeping towards ‘high’, and it’s easy to get caught out on a sunny day. While it’s important to make sure you protect your face and body with an SPF of 30 or more, a lot of sunscreens contain chemicals that may lead to skin irritation and disrupt your endocrine system. It’s a good idea to make sure that any sunscreen you use is as natural as possible, while still providing an adequate level of protection.


You can’t get ready for spring by only addressing the outside of your body – the inside needs a spring-clean too! Be sure to drink plenty of water to wash out impurities and keep you hydrated.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are also packed with hydration as well as essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. For healthy, happy skin, carrots, courgettes, cucumbers, celery and spinach are especially good, as they contain plenty of the skin-friendly vitamins E, A and C.


You might be able to feel your mood lifting as the amount of daylight increases, but if you need an extra boost to feel energised for spring, diffusing these essential oils will make all the difference.

  • Grapefruit clears the mind of negative feelings
  • Peppermint helps to banish mental clutter
  • Geranium creates a sense of serenity
  • Bergamot eases feelings of anxiety
  • Lemon refreshes and uplifts the spirit

Try combining a couple of drops of Lemon, Geranium and Lavender to evoke the floral scent of spring, or four drops each of Bergamot and Lime for an uplifting, tropical atmosphere. or try one of our essential oil blends to suit your mood.

Top tip: Use our Ultrasonic Cool Air Diffuser to safely diffuse your chosen oil blend without the use of heat or candles.


How long ago did you wash your makeup brushes? Now is the perfect time to give them a thorough spring-clean! Brushes and sponges quickly accumulate all sorts of bacteria, dust and product build-up that you re-apply to your face with each use, which can lead to inflammation and break-outs. Ideally, you should wash your brushes thoroughly once a week, but if you have no skin issues, once a month is acceptable (except for brushes that you use around your eyes, which should be washed every few uses).

To wash your makeup brushes, rinse them in warm water and use a mild, natural soap. Drop the soap onto the palm of your hand and gently massage the bristles with your palm. Rinse the brush clean, squeeze out the excess moisture with a towel, reshape the bristles and let the brush air dry while hanging over the edge of the sink (to stop the bristles from drying flat on one side).

Spring is a time of rejuvenation, rebirth and renewal. By looking after yourself and your skin, you’ll feel like a new person!

by: Claire Wilkins


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