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Sea Spa Mineral Rich Face Masque

Deep cleansing vitamin and mineral rich face mask. Plant based marine botanicals and New Zealand glacial clay nourish, regenerate, increase circulation and help to remove harmful substances from the skin - leaving you with radiant skin. Excellent for skin ageing, eczema and acne. 50ml

Our masques are all presented in powder form. This ensures the masque is super fresh and that the ingredients only activate on contact with water at the time of application. We recommend mixing equal parts of the powdered mask with pure spring water to form a smooth mousse like consistency. Then apply to a cleansed face avoiding eyes and mouth. Add a few drops of one our serums to enhance the properties of your masque. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. wipe off with a warm wash cloth (if the mask begins to dry during activation on the skin - then spritz with spring water or balancing facial tonic to keep it moist). After removal, spritz with balancing facial tonic, and apply serum and moisturiser.

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